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M’siri was enthroned in Luambo around 1856, in Katanga, DRC. As his ruling name, he chose the name: MWENDA BANTU, which means the leader of men, of people. What is ironic is that he would be more commonly known by his nickname of M’siri.

M’siri was enthroned on the same day as his uncle MIHAMBO FWARUME, who bore the title of MUTAKA FWARUME, and the Mwami NKUGURU. For the occasion, two Bagabe were also inducted: MUGABE KASARI WIHALA and MUBILI KU BANTU or MUGABE Wa NKULULI.

His first three wives were elevated to the following titles: BUSEGA NAMWANDA who became the NIHANGA, also called Mugoli Kapapa; NAMIZI became IHOZYO or Mugoli KANFWA, and finally the third queen became the SHIGEME or KAMAMA

Learn Shisumbwa

Munyembe = a mango tree
Mupera – a guava tree
Mubabayu = a papaya tree
Mubu = a mosquito
Mukongoroso = a bird
Mukose = a small antilope
Ndogobe = a donkey
Nzovu = an elephant
Nkoko = a chicken
Noni = a bird
Ngwe = a leopard
Ntama = a sheep
Nsazi = a fly
Nama = meat
Ndimu = a wild animal
Nkofiro = a hat
Ngabo = a shield
Ngoma = a drum

From the Editor

M’siri King of the Bayeke of Garaganza December 20, 1891 – December 20, 2016

Around the middle of the nineteenth century, the one the whole world would come to know as Mushidi or M’siri (the earth as in the ground, all the earth), of his birth name Ngelengwa Mukala, accompanied his father Kalasa to Katanga. Kalasa had already come to Katanga to acquire possessions, of which was copper. There, he had weaved bonds of friendship with autochthonous leaders, among whom were Mpande of the Basanga, Katanga of the Balamba, Sompwe of the Bena-Mitumba, Kiniama, and Katala.

Kalasa was of the Sumbwa tribe of Unyamwezi, in today’s Tanzania.

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Video:  Day of the throne for King Mwenda Bantu Kaneranera Godefroid Munongo July 4, 1998 – July 4, 2018.